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1/19/16 - Part 2 with Ford at the Detroit Auto Show

This is part 2 of Innovation Navigation's special broadcast from the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Host Dave Robertson talks with two Ford Motor Company executives: Moray Callum, Vice President of Design; and Jim Buczkowski, Director, Electrical and Electronics Systems, Research and Advanced Engineering.

Dave talks to both about the future of the auto industry - how to design driver-friendly cars without overwhelming people with too much technology, and how Ford has opened a Silicon Valley operation to foster innovation.

1/12/16 - Ford Execs at 2016 Auto Show

In celebration of the SiriusXM-Ford partnership and the exciting North American International Auto Show, this edition of the show was recorded directly from the Ford Booth at the event in Detroit, Michigan. From the design process to technology integration, host Dave Robertson takes you behind the scenes with Ford Motor Company's top executives to explore the process towards innovation and the future of the industry. His guests are Bill Ford, Executive Chairman; Joe Hinrichs, EVP and President, The Americas; and Dr. Ken Washington, VP, Research and Advanced Engineering.

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Host Dave Robertson first talks about developing products for our pets! His guest is Kyle Hansen, Chief Woof Officer and Founder of Outward Hound, who discusses the dog toy market and how he fetches up new ideas for man's best friend.

Then, from an online eye exam to a toilet addressing our water crisis, Tom Kuczmarski, President and Founder of Kuczmarski Innovation, takes Dave inside the revolutionary ideas coming out of Chicago. Kuczmarski is the author of books such as "Innovating Chicago Style: How Local Innovators are Building the National Economy," and "Apples are Squares: Thinking Differently About Leadership."

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12/15/15 - Disruptive Innovation, Star Wars

Host Dave Robertson first discusses the phrase "disruptive innovation" with Michael Raynor, Director at Deloitte Services LP, who explains why it's important to have a proper understanding about what it means to be truly disruptive in order to properly apply it to your business.

Then, from a Darth Vader toaster to a lightsaber selfie stick, Dave looks at the product development surrounding the Star Wars franchise. His second guest is Ty Liotta, VP of Geek Labs at ThinkGeek, who discusses how to think outside the box in product development and develop new merchandise for the highly anticipated film.

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12/18/15 - Innovation In The Food Industry

Host Dave Robertson is joined first by Karel Zimmermann, Markets Director for the Americas of the Puratos Corporation. From finding ways to improve texture to creating convenience through frozen products, Karel takes Dave behind the scenes in the making of baked goods.

Plus, Anastacia Marx de Salcedo, author of "Combat-Ready Kitchen: How the U.S. Military Shapes the Way You Eat," talks to Dave about the history of processed foods. Hear the entertaining take of how the food in your pantry links to military research and the diet of a soldier.

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Host Dave Robertson is first joined by Whitney Johnson, author of "Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work." She talks about how to apply the disruptive theory to your career path. Learn how to play to your strengths and uncover new opportunities for your business and career.

In the second half of the show Dave talks to Nolan Bushnell, the Founder of Atari Corporation and Chuck E. Cheese. In addition to Nolan's entrepreneurial success, he is also known for being the first boss of Apple's Steve Jobs. Hear from this innovator the secrets to finding and nurturing creative talent within an organization.

11/17/15 - The Disrupted and the Disruptor

Dave first welcomes Jeffrey Hayzlett, CEO of The Hayzlett Group and former CMO of Kodak, who talks about his book "Think Big, Act Bigger: The Rewards of Being Relentless," and shares his insight on how executives can promote innovation. He also talks about Kodak and why this former Fortune 100 business was unable to adapt to the digital disruptors.

In the second half of the show, Dave is joined by Birchbox's cofounder and CEO, Katia Beauchamp. Recognized as one of the leaders in the subscription-based model, hear how this cosmetic business is discovering new ideas to remain ahead of the competition.

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11/10/15 - Innovation In Established Industries

Host Dave Robertson is joined first by Joe McSwiney, President of Cascade Designs, Inc., who talks about product development in the outdoor adventure industry and how innovators can approach reinventing some of our most basic products... like the sleeping bag.

In the second half of the show Dave talks to Steve Ellis, Head of the Innovation Group at Wells Fargo. Hear how this 100-plus year old business thinks about the next step in the financial industry.

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11/3/15 - Tim Brown, President and CEO of IDEO

How do we unleash the power of creativity? Host Dave Robertson is joined by Tim Brown, CEO and President of one of the world's top design companies, IDEO.

Brown has written a book called "Change By Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation." Hear how the approach for great design has evolved and what it takes to develop the next breakthrough idea. From reinventing the Tempur-Pedic Mattress to creating the Apple Mouse, hear the process that has led to the thousands of ideas that IDEO has helped create with its clients. Find out how to approach design thinking and what organizations can do to build an innovative culture.

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10/27/15 - Halloween Special: Candy, Hauntings

In this Halloween-themed episode, host Dave Robertson is joined first by The Hershey Company's SVP and Chief R&D Officer, Will Papa.  Hear how one of the world's biggest candy brands thinks about creating new products; from 3-D printing candy to reinventing the classic chocolate bar, learn the process that occurs in candy-making.

In the second half of the program, former iHeart Media Executive and current CEO of Ten Thirty One Productions, Melissa Carbone, walks Dave and his listeners through the development of a haunted experience.  From zombies to demons an everything in between, learn the art of designing a haunting horror attraction.

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