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Host Dave Robertson sits down with Terrence Curtin, the CEO of TE Connectivity, to discuss innovation within an existing company and how to cultivate creativity among employees.

Innovation Thought Leader Tony Ulwick will also stop by to give an update on the what he says are the next big things that are coming to market.

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LEGO had been fighting off the digital revolution successfully until their most recent quarterly earnings showed a dip in profits. Now after cutting 1,400 jobs, the business is looking to innovate. Host Dave Robertson talks with two guests about these developments: Richard Milne of the Financial Times, who has covered the company extensively; and Jay Peters, managing director of LEGO’s preferred design and Innovation management partner, PARK USA.

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Host Dave Robertson is joined by “The Dean of Innovation,” Jeff Degraff. The two discuss his new book “The Innovation Code,” why harmony is deadly for innovation, and how the best way to create hybrid solutions is to clash. Later Dave is joined by Walter De Brouwer and they dive into his work at Doc.AI, the company with a quest to create the first robotic doctor.

Dave Robertson's first guest is Nelo Lucich, who is the co-founder of the innovative, forward-thinking tech-entertainment company Skyrocket.  They take a deep dive into making it in the toy industry.

Dave's second guest is former Stanford football player and founder of STRIVR Labs, Derek Belch. STRIVR Labs is a cutting edge virtual reality company, and they talk about the new applications of that technology.

Host Dave Robertson first welcomes Andy Cruz, the Co-Founder of the type factory and design studio House Industries, which has been a standard bearer for American graphic design for 25 years. House's work is in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and will be the subject of a major exhibition at the Henry Ford Museum in the summer of 2017.

In the second half of the show Dave talks to Adam Lashinsky, Executive Editor for Fortune Magazine and a best-selling author, about his new book "Wild Ride: Inside Uber's Quest for World Domination."

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Host Dave Robertson is joined first by entrepreneur Bart Weetjens, who trained rats to sniff out land mines in Africa - and how he went from detecting land mines to detecting Tuberculosis, also using rats.

In the second half of the show Dave speaks with Jim Koch, the founder of Boston Brewing Company, the maker of Sam Adams beer. Jim has often been called the father of the craft beer movement.

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It was in 2015 that the EPA disclosed that Volkswagen had installed software in 11 million cars that deceived emissions-testing mechanisms – and in 2017, the company is still working to repair its reputation. Host Dave Robertson talks to Jack Ewing, author of a new book about the scandal, called "Faster, Higher, Farther." Learn how a succeed-at-all-costs mentality about innovation can really backfire.

In the second half of the show Dave's guest is Yves Karcher, CEO, InnoExec and former Engineering VP of Logitech, who discusses the birth and development of the Logitech presenter.

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Meet  guy who spends all his time trying to come up with new flavors of beer!  Host Dave Robertson talks to Rob Naylor, Manager of Anheuser-Busch's Research Pilot Brewery, who will explain how innovative technologies are the key to his job.

Dave also talks to any-am Pathak, who developed a computerized, motion-stabilizing spoon that can be used by people living with movement disorders like Parkinson's.

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With Independence Day approaching host Dave Robertson explores the business stories that have defined America's history. Benjamin Waterhouse, historian and author of "The Land of Enterprise: A Business History of the United States" talks with Dave about what led to the rise and fall of some of this country's top companies.

Also on the show: the evolution of fast-food in America with the first and oldest restaurant chain in the country.  Kevin Bazner, President and CEO of A&W Restaurants, discusses the brand's 98-year history. With changing restaurant trends and a split from YUM! Brands, hear what's in store in building the future of this American brand.

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Host Dave Robertson talks first to Suhail Algosaibi, business leader in Bahrain and the CEO and Founder of Falak Consulting, who discusses how a nation can support an innovative culture.

Dave also talks to Greg Satell, author of "Mapping Innovation: A Playbook for Navigating a Disruptive Age."