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6/2/15 - John Edson, Kyle Nel, Jay Walker, Chris Surdak

Host Dave Robertson first talks to John Edson, President of Lunar, a major design firm. Lunar was recently acquired by consulting giant McKinsey and Dave talks to Edson about how this new relationship will impact the company's approach to design as well as what this business move suggests about the future of design.

Then, are robots and virtual reality the future of retail or is that an idea that should remain in the world of science fiction? Dave talks to Kyle Nel, Executive Director of Lowe's Innovation Labs, who shares his approach known as science fiction prototyping.

After that, Dave welcomes the Executive Chairman of Patent Properties and Founder of, Jay Walker, who breaks down the issues surrounding our patent system. They discuss how companies can best utilize the pool of ideas and inventions that already exist.

The final guest is Chris Surdak, author of "Data Crush: How the Information Tidal Wave is Driving New Business Opportunities," who explains what steps you can take to best use big data to develop the next big idea.

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