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6/30/15 - A Look at American Innovation (Eric Bernstein, Don Dorsey, Mark Schwartz, Victor Margolin)

Host Dave Robertson goes "All American" for the Fourth of July. His first guest is Eric Bernstein, VP of Marketing and Product Development for the Ames Company, which has been able to keep its shovel business relevant since 1774.

Next, it wouldn't be a Fourth of July discussion without fireworks - Dave's second guest is a man behind some of America's most amazing nighttime productions, Don Dorsey, who has spent his career creating shows like Disney's "IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth."

After that, Dave looks at how the American Government thinks about innovating. His guest is Mark Schwartz, CIO of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, who discusses how to create an innovative culture in the public sector.

The final segment features a look at design. Professor Emeritus of Design History at the University of Illinois, Victor Margolin, joins Dave to discuss how the American culture has influenced design throughout the years.