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Episode 35 - Mark Randall, Chief Strategist VP of Creativity at Adobe

In this extended version of our earlier interview from April, Mark Randall of Adobe explains how his efforts, including a surprisingly powerful red box, have helped drive innovation within an established company.


As a serial entrepreneur, Mark’s career conceiving, designing and marketing innovative technology spans nearly twenty years and three successful high-tech start-ups. He has fielded over a dozen products which combined have sold over a million units, generated over $100 million in sales and won a total of 15 Product of the Year, 12 Best of NAB, 7 Best of Comdex, 2 PC Magazine Technical Excellence awards, and two Emmy awards.

Products that Mark’s startups developed are used by half the Fortune 500,
all branches of the U.S. government, and thousands of schools around the world. His products have been featured in Time, Newsweek, Fortune, Forbes, Wired, Rolling Stone, USA Today and NY Times. As an innovator Mark has ten U.S. patents, he’s been named to Digital Media Magazine’s “Digital Media 100″ and he is one of Streaming Magazine’s “50 Most Influential People”. As an entrepreneur he’s won a national Addy award, a DemoGod award and Advertising Age’s Corporate Video of the Year.

Mark speaks and teaches frequently on entrepreneurship, innovation and strategy and has appeared on CNN, ABC, NBC and CNBC. He sold his most recent startup, Serious Magic, to Adobe Systems where he is now Chief Strategist, VP Creativity. Mark also collects exceedingly rare but mostly worthless old computers and can do two cool magic tricks.

6/16/15 - Future of Money (Kabir Sehgal, Arkadi Kuhlmann, Mick Simonelli, Nathaniel Popper)

Host Dave Robertson focuses this show on money and its future. His first guest is Kabir Sehgal, author of "Coined: The Rich Life of Money and How Its History Has Shaped Us." Next, he talks with one of the great disruptors in the financial space, Arkadi Kuhlmann, Founder and CEO of ZenBanx, Inc. who shares his secrets to how technology can be effectively intertwined into the financial sector.

After that, Dave speaks with Mick Simonelli, Former Lead Innovation Exectutive for USAA, who talks about what it takes to develop an effective innovation strategy in an established business. The final guest is Nathaniel Popper, author of "Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money," who talks about the complexities surrounding Bitcoin and what it takes to reinvent our currency.

Host Dave Robertson first talks to Luis Sanz, COO and Co-Founder of Olapic. With pictures posted every second on social media, Luis explains how brands can capitalize on the pool of photos that exist and convert pictures into sales. The second guest is Sharon Klapka, Director of Business and Brand Development for Adore Me. She discusses her data-driven approach in selecting models, creating photo shoots and developing products to drive sales.

Next up, Dave speaks with Brian Quinn, Principal at Dobline (part of Deloitte Consulting) and co-author of "Ten Types of Innovation: The Discipline of Building Breakthroughs." Dave's last guest is Tina Seelig, author of "Insight Out: Get Ideas Out of Your Head and Into the World."

6/2/15 - John Edson, Kyle Nel, Jay Walker, Chris Surdak

Host Dave Robertson first talks to John Edson, President of Lunar, a major design firm. Lunar was recently acquired by consulting giant McKinsey and Dave talks to Edson about how this new relationship will impact the company's approach to design as well as what this business move suggests about the future of design.

Then, are robots and virtual reality the future of retail or is that an idea that should remain in the world of science fiction? Dave talks to Kyle Nel, Executive Director of Lowe's Innovation Labs, who shares his approach known as science fiction prototyping.

After that, Dave welcomes the Executive Chairman of Patent Properties and Founder of, Jay Walker, who breaks down the issues surrounding our patent system. They discuss how companies can best utilize the pool of ideas and inventions that already exist.

The final guest is Chris Surdak, author of "Data Crush: How the Information Tidal Wave is Driving New Business Opportunities," who explains what steps you can take to best use big data to develop the next big idea.

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