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10/27/15 - Halloween Special: Candy, Hauntings

In this Halloween-themed episode, host Dave Robertson is joined first by The Hershey Company's SVP and Chief R&D Officer, Will Papa.  Hear how one of the world's biggest candy brands thinks about creating new products; from 3-D printing candy to reinventing the classic chocolate bar, learn the process that occurs in candy-making.

In the second half of the program, former iHeart Media Executive and current CEO of Ten Thirty One Productions, Melissa Carbone, walks Dave and his listeners through the development of a haunted experience.  From zombies to demons an everything in between, learn the art of designing a haunting horror attraction.

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10/20/15 - Innovation News, Disruption

Host Dave Robertson first welcomes Richard Milne, Nordic Correspondent for the Financial Times, who discusses the latest stories in innovation management, from the successes at LEGO to the struggles at Volkswagen.

In the second half Dave talks to Andrew King, Professor of Business Administration at Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business, about his latest research on disruptive innovation. For those unaware, Clay Christensen's Theory of Disruptive Innovation is the foundation for defining disruptive companies. Dave and Andrew talk about how well this theory can be practiced in the real world.

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10/13/15 - The Irish Pub Concept, Guinness

From the artwork to the interior architecture, what does it take to design an authentic Irish Pub? Host Dave Robertson is joined by two of the official partners of Guinness's Irish Pub Concept: Donal Balance of Balance Hospitality, and Darren Fagan, the Business Developer for the Irish Pub Company.  Working with Guinness, hear how these two have helped create the benchmark standard for Irish pubs, and hear the unique history behind developing this food and hospitality genre across the globe.

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10/6/15 - Denys Resnick, Open Innovation

Host Dave Robertson welcomes Denys Resnick, Executive Vice President, Strategic Programs, at NineSigma. She's responsible for incubating and launching new products and services, and talks to Dave about the concept of open innovation.

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Host Dave Robertson first speaks with Jonathan Gosling, Professor Emeritus of Leadership Studies at the University of Exeter in London, who describes how multinational companies have transformed their strategies in order to successfully innovate in China and beyond. This includes the adoption of sustainable/responsible business practices.

In the second half of the show, Dave's guest is Tony Ulwick, the Founder and CEO of Strategy, who talks about his Jobs-to-be-Done theory of what data needs to be collected about your customers. Find out how to become a customer-centric organization, developing your ideas around the needs of your consumers.

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