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2/16/16 - Christian Gansch and Daniel Levitin

Host Dave Robertson focuses on music in this show that aired the day after the Grammy Awards were presented. His first guest is Christian Gansch, a Grammy Award-winner and international conductor, producer and consultant. He is the author of the book "From Solo to Symphony: What Businesses can Learn From Orchestras."

Dave's second guest is Daniel Levitin, Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience at McGill University, who wrote the books "This is Your Brain on Music" and "The Organized Mind." Levity is a former session musician and record producer. He talks about using music to evoke emotion and stir creativity.

2/9/16 - Diverse Workforces, and a "Fish Cannon"

Host Dave Robertson first welcomes David Livermore, author of "Driven By Difference: How Great Companies Fuel Innovation Through Diversity". He explains what he feels is a diverse workforce and what some of the challenges are in creating diverse teams.

In the second half of the show Dave's guest is Vincent Bryan III, CEO of Whooshh Innovations, who explains how his team has developed a fish cannon that helps them navigate through natural barriers like waterfalls and dams.

2/2/16 - Live Events, Product Development

With Super Bowl 50 approaching on Sunday, Feb. 5, host Dave Robertson first goes backstage to see what it takes to put together a live event that captures audiences from around the world. He talks to Adam Davis, Chief Creative Officer of Tait Towers, about his work on stage design, architecture and scenery for some of music's top talents.

In the second half of the program Dave speaks with father and son team John and Bill Nottingham, of the firm Nottingham Spirk about the development of billion dollar ideas. Whether it's improving the Swiffer or packaging for mouthwash, Nottingham Spirk are the minds behind some of the products we use every day.

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