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First up, the Maker Movement; Ten years ago Dale Daugherty, CEO and Founder of Maker Media, launched his first MakerFaire. Since then, the Maker Movement has grown immensely, promoting the idea of creating, inventing, and designing. Host Dave Robertson talks to Dale about his new book, "Free to Make: How the Maker Movement is Changing our Schools, Our Jobs, and Our Minds."

In the second half of the show Dave is joined by Volvo's Chief Engineer of Vehicle Architecture, Peter Adreasson. Hear how car engineering is adapting for the future of self-driving technology and learn how effective collaboration, across departments and across companies, is working to push the envelope on the next generation of car services.

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9/20/16 - Innovations in Healthcare

The future of health care.

Host Dave Robertson is joined by Stephen Klasko, President and CEO of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health, and they discuss the disruptive solutions that could revolutionize the healthcare industry within the United States. Hear how new ideas can effectively overcome the complexities and advance the field.

Plus, Keller Rinaudio, Founder of Zipline, is seeing drone delivery as a pivotal piece in the future of healthcare. Learn how his business is utilizing cargo drones to fly life-saving medical supplies across Africa.

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9/13/16 - IKEA Design, "Corporate Theory"

First, a behind-the-scenes look at designing IKEA products, from inspiration to execution. Host Dave Robertson is joined by Marcus Engman, Head of Design for IKEA, and he walks us through the process of developing furniture for the masses. Hear how one of the creative minds behind the iconic Swedish brand envisions the furnishings of the future.

In the second half of the show Dave talks to Todd Zenger, Professor of Strategy and Strategic Leadership at the University of Utah and author of "Beyond Competitive Advantage: How to Solve the Puzzle of Sustaining Growth While Creating Value."

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Teaching Innovation.

Host Dave Robertson is joined first by Peter Boatwright, Professor of Marketing and New Product Development at Carnegie Mellon University, who talks about whether the path to great ideas can be taught -- or is it based on natural ability?

Plus, Pam Henderson, CEO of NewEdge and author of "You Can Kill an Idea, But You Can't Kill an Opportunity! - How to Discover New Sources of Growth for Your Organization," discusses the process of identifying great ideas and having your business see a greater return on creativity.

8/30/16 - Augmented Versus Virtual Reality

On this show host Dave Robertson explores the innovation around virtual and augmented reality.  His first guest is Ron Padzensky, Founder of  They talk about the success of Pokemon Go and the future of augmented reality in light of its popularity -- Can we anticipate the return of Google Glass, and how could AR influence future businesses and product development?

In the second half of the show Dave talks to Adam Draper and Jeff Wassen of Boost VC, a seed-stage accelerator that chose to diversify its portfolio by entering the virtual reality space.

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